Docking Helper

Water Current Direction Indicator

DockingHelper.jpgHere is a new device that should be on every dock. It is the Docking Helper Water Current Direction Indicator. It does exactly as itʼs name implies, it indicates the direction of the water current near the dock and additionally includes a banner to display the wind direction. Both are important as you approach the dock.

Maneuvering of boats at slow speeds, in restricted areas, close to docks and other boats can be difficult. Boats, and other watercraft, are all subject to having their course altered by wind and water currents. The effect of these factors becomes more apparent at slow speeds such as would be encountered when docking or maneuvering near other craft.

When approaching a dock where a water current exists it is important to be aware of the water current direction so that a proper track can be executed.

Numerous accidents happen each year, in and around dock areas, as a result of boats being forced unexpectedly from their intended path and colliding with stationary objects or other boats. Some of these accidents could be prevented if the operator of the boat had reliable information regarding the water current and wind direction.

This simple device consists of a rigid pennant connected to a rudder by a 60” shaft. When properly attached to the dock the water current will act on the rudder turning the pennant to face the direction of the water current.

Below the rigid pennant is a banner which displays the wind direction. As you approach the dock a quick look at the pennant and banner is all that is needed to know the water current and wind direction, in the vicinity of the dock.

This product is professionally made from injection molded plastic and PVC tubing. It comes packaged with all the necessary hardware to assemble and attach to your dock. All you need is a screw driver.

The suggested retail price is just $34.95, inexpensive when you consider the cost of removing even a small scratch from your boat.

Available on eBay. Search for DOCKING HELPER.